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Deploy your app

Until now, your app was only running on your local development server. In the last step of this tutorial, you'll deploy your app to a Dynatrace environment of your choice.

The Dynatrace App Toolkit helps you to do this. You've to run the following command in your project's root directory:
npm run deploy

The Dynatrace JavaScript Runtime is blocking outbound connections from app functions by default. You need to add the following entries in the allow list of your environment to allow your app function to call the currency exchange rate API:


You can find the relevant settings page under 'Settings > Preferences > Limit Outbound Connections'. Read more about this setting in this guide.

This command builds your app and deploys it to the Dynatrace environment specified in the app.config.ts file. After running the command, the Dynatrace App Toolkit prints the full URL under which your app is available. Click on it and see your app in action.

Looks pretty good, huh? Wasn't that easy? Congratulations on your first Dynatrace App.

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