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App naming guidelines

Follow these simple guidelines and patterns to help your target users discover your Hub listing and understand its value.

State exactly what your Hub listing is or does. Be simple and easy to understand rather than creative. Include the topic or third-party technology name plus the function of the app. See our naming patterns below for details.
hub listing do
Sprint Planner
hub listing don't
test app
Keep to 40 characters or less. There's a 40-character limit for app names, but truncation can occur before that and prevent the user from seeing the full name. Put the most important words at the beginning if possible, so they'll be visible regardless of the user's device or settings. (The appID can have up to 50 characters.)
naming do
Task Rotation
naming don't
Dynamic task rotation in...
Use title case. This means capitalizing every word except for articles, short prepositions, and conjunctions. If you're not sure, you can use a title case converter. Note: You can make an exception to be consistent with third-party names, for example, iOS.
case do
Trace Explorer
case don't
Trace explorer
Use full words rather than acronyms. However, stick with industry-standard usage, for example, AWS.
full words do
Dynatrace Common Actions
full words don't
DTCA (jlc)
Choose a unique name. Before selecting a name, check Hub for listings with the same words. Avoid duplicate names or anything that could be confused with another Hub listing.
unique name do
Network Observability
unique name don't
My first app
Skip the words "app" and "extension." There's more information below about how to use these words if you need to.
skip words do
Session Replay
skip words don't
Session Replay App

A note on using the word "app"

In explanation text and labels, the word "app" (lowercase) can be added. For example:

  • Carbon Impact is an app by Dynatrace that enables organizations to calculate their CO2 footprint.
  • In Dynatrace Hub, you'll find apps for numerous business use cases.
  • Technology type: app

You should capitalize "App" only in these three cases:

  1. If it's the first word in a sentence. For example:
    • Apps can be created and managed in Dynatrace Hub.
  2. If it's combined with Dynatrace® when describing the platform offering. For example:
    • Dynatrace® Apps such as Notebooks, Dashboards, and Workflows will be essential digital tools for hundreds of business use cases.
  3. If it's used in a specific Dynatrace offering. For example:
    • Dynatrace App Toolkit
    • Apps and Microservices
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