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Create a new Dynatrace app

In this section, we'll do the following:

  • Set up our development environment
  • Create a new Dynatrace app
  • Run our app in the browser

1. Set up our development environment

To work on Dynatrace Apps, we need node version 18 or newer. First, check your node version by running the following command:

node --version

Also, ensure you have your preferred code editor, like Visual Studio Code. We'll need that in the later part of the tutorial.

2. Execute the create command

Then, run the following command in your terminal to generate a project with the base code for the new app:

npx dt-app@latest create --environment-url

The Dynatrace App Toolkit will ask you to name your app. For this tutorial, we'll use Host Insights.

3. Start the development server

Finally, go to the app's root directory by running cd host-insights in the terminal and start the development server by running the following command:

npm run start

After executing this command, the app will automatically open in a new browser window.


If you have any issues with local app development, visit the troubleshooting information.

You've successfully set up your development environment. In the next section, we'll fetch and visualize the data stored in Grail.

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