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All Dynatrace platform service APIs use the OAuth2.0 Client Credentials Flow for authentication.


For further details, visit Access platform APIs from outside.

API permissions

Dynatrace platform service APIs control user access with a policy-based permission system. The Dynatrace IAM (Identity and access management) system allows you to define policies that grant actions of users on resources. Each platform service API requires permission (or scope) to be granted to the user executing a request on the API.

All permissions follow this naming schema:

<Service-Name or Service-Namespace>:<Resource>:<Action>
  • <Service-Name>, <Service-Namespace> and <Resource> correspond to the entries described in the general URL structure.
  • <Action> defines the action associated with the permission (for example, execute, read, write, etc.).


Permission Examples

You can find a full list of available scopes on the IAM service reference page.

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