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API versions

All Dynatrace platform service APIs are semantically versioned with this format:


Only the Major version is visible on the service URL path and the SDK name.

Backward compatibility

Semantic versioning defines that the major version must only be changed when incompatible changes are applied to the API.

Therefore, any Dynatrace platform service API must support backward compatibility:

  • Major version updates (x.*.*) represent a breaking change. Any major update results in a new service version being provided parallel to the existing version.
  • Minor version updates (*.x.*) represent a backward compatible change in the API (for example., a new field is added to a response, or a new query parameter is introduced). Extensions of an existing API are generally not considered a breaking change.
  • Patch version updates (*.*.x) represent any changes that don't affect the functionality or structure of the API (for example, additional examples or documentation in the API Spec file).

Backward compatibility policy: When we change the API by tagging the update Minor or Patch, the changes will be non-breaking. It includes:

  • Addition of optional request parameters: API might include new optional properties to the requests. It means clients don't need to handle them. However, they can utilize them if needed.
  • Addition of response parameters: API responses may include additional properties in the JSON body. You should design your clients to either process or ignore these properties while considering compatibility.
  • Enum constants in response: We might add new constants to existing enums. You should handle these new constants in your clients in a way that maintains application stability.

Deprecation & sunsetting

Eventually, a platform service version will reach its end of life and Dynatrace decides to remove it.

All Dynatrace APIs about to be removed go through two phases - Deprecation and Sunsetting.

  • Deprecation means that the service version is no longer recommended for use, even though it's still fully operational.
  • Sunsetting means that the service version will be shut down, meaning that at the announced time, the service version will no longer be available.

Services marked as deprecated, or sunset are still fully functional and supported by Dynatrace.


A deprecated service has all operations marked with the deprecated field in the Swagger UI documentation of the service. All REST responses of a deprecated service contain the deprecation header with the value 'true'.


A sunset service contains the sunset date in the Swagger UI documentation of the service. All REST responses of a sunset service contain a sunset header with the sunset date.

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