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Platform management service

The Platform management service (PMS) can retrieve license and settings information in a Dynatrace environment, which we will refer to as 'environment' for short on this page.


You need to know the following concepts to work with the PMS.


Every environment has some information related to the license. This license API includes the following:

  • trial: A boolean value that tells whether an environment is a trial environment.
  • platformSubscription: A boolean that tells whether an environment has an enabled Dynatrace Platform Subscription (DPS) license.

License settings

Every environment has license-related settings represented by a list of key and value pairs available at /environment/license/settings.

Environment settings

Also, every environment has some settings. At the moment, these include the following:

  • chatEnabled: A boolean that tells if the chat feature is active for the environment.
  • countryCode: An ISO3166-1 alpha-2 two letter country code. For further details, see Wikipedia.
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