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Automation Workflow Creator

This app assists you in building your first automated workflow with two example use cases:

  • Integrate Site Reliability Guardian with CI/CD pipelines.
  • Send logs to the owner of an entity.

With a dedicated tutorial in the form of a notebook, you'll:

  • Be guided through the definition process step by step.
  • Find an explanation of the prerequisites.
  • Try out and define the workflow event trigger and adapt it according to your needs.
  • Configure workflow actions.

Automation Workflow Creator app

Source code

Find the source code for the app in the Automation Workflow Creator repository.

Getting started​

Our sample apps give a good overview of how Dynatrace Apps can help solve specific use cases. However, we recommend starting your learning journey through our Get started with the Dynatrace platform tutorial.

In the tutorial, you'll learn all aspects of the development process by incorporating our SDKs, the Strato design system, and tools such as our Dynatrace App Toolkit.

Further learning

To further explore Dynatrace Workflows, look at Introduction to Workflows in Dynatrace Documentation.

What's used


Strato design system

Design tokens


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