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Monitoring Coverage

Visualize monitoring coverage by Dynatrace across the user's entire estate and take action to get to 100% quickly.

In this sample app, you'll learn how to use the Smartscape topology queries, which you can use to understand your environment and subsequently take large-scale action using SDKs.

This app demonstrates how to:

  • Explore data with Dynatrace Query Language (DQL)
  • Query the Smartscape topology
  • Aggregate and visualize the topology data in tables
  • Add permission scopes
  • Take action with SDKs

Monitoring Coverage App

Source code

Find the source code for this app in the Monitoring Coverage repository.

Getting started

Our sample apps give a good overview of how Dynatrace Apps can help solve specific use cases. However, we recommend starting your learning journey through our Get started with the Dynatrace platform tutorial.

In the tutorial, you'll learn all aspects of the development process by incorporating our SDKs, the Strato design system, and tools such as our Dynatrace App Toolkit.

Further resources

To further explore Dynatrace Apps elements incorporated in this sample app, have a look at these resources:

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Design tokens

Open source libraries

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