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Privacy by design

Privacy is paramount in the development of Dynatrace Apps. At Dynatrace, responsible data processing is at the core of our business. Thus, protecting personally identifiable information (PII) is a key priority.

Dynatrace enables its customers to have complete control of their data, and, through configurable privacy features, they can determine what data to share with Dynatrace.

When developing Dynatrace Apps, implement privacy by design and by default to support customers in maximizing the value of Dynatrace while complying with data protection requirements. It is essential to respect the customer’s preferences and take reasonable steps to protect sensitive data collected in the app.

To guide you through the different privacy requirements, you should consider three core questions:

  1. Does your app process and collect PII?
  2. Is the PII relevant and necessary for the app's core functionalities?
  3. Does a retention period apply to the PII ingested in the app?

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