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Now that you've finished your first app and have a better understanding of what's possible, you're probably eager to put things into practice. Depending on what you're interested in trying out, we've got some resources to help you get started.

Build different types of apps

Imagine the Dynatrace app toolkit as a set of building blocks you can pick and choose from to achieve your task. You can use them to:

Explore the Strato design system

The Strato design system offers many ingredients that you can use in your future Dynatrace apps. It has a variety of common UI elements that will make building your frontend a breeze. Strato also provides you with a wide range of visualizations that give you insight into and help you gain value from your data.

Get familiar with your data

To familiarize yourself with your data and how it's stored, check out the DQL language reference, the Learn DQL app available from the Hub, or our Learning DQL playlist on YouTube.

Learn React and TypeScript

Want to get more familiar with React and TypeScript? We've got you covered with guides for React and React style, an intro to TypeScript basics, and a short lesson on clean code in the Reuse code guide.

Connect and engage

Discover our community, stay informed and access valuable information in this section.

Video vault

Get deeper insights on topics like app development and DQL with our video playlists.

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