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Dynatrace App Toolkit

The Dynatrace App Toolkit is a tool you can use from your command line to create, develop and deploy apps on your Dynatrace environment. Using the Dynatrace App Toolkit, you can also generate new app functions and update your Dynatrace packages. No installation is required, you can start the app development with a single command and the Dynatrace App Toolkit jumps in when needed.


Getting started


To use the Dynatrace App Toolkit, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You should have NodeJS version 18 installed on your local machine.
  • You should have access to:
  • Local port range 3000-3005 for local app development is available, or a custom port is configured.
  • Local port 30000 is available for local app function execution.
  • Local port 5343 is available for the SSO authentication process (if taken, the toolkit will try the next port).
  • Localhost access is allowed.
  • You should have access to the command line (for example, PowerShell, cmd, Linux terminal, macOS terminal), and you should be able to execute scripts.
  • You should have read/write access to the directory where your app is located.
  • You should have access to read app templates on
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